Sanctuary 120 people $125 per hour
Seminar Room 60 people $30 per hour
Upstairs 20 people $15 per hour
Kitchen Nook 12 people $15 per hour
Fireside Area 12 people $15 per hour
Sound and Video Technician $50 per hour
Kitchen One Time Use $20 per use
Coffee Service One Time Use $1.50 per cup
Extra Janitorial Extra Clean-Up $50 per hour

The purpose of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church is to be a faithful witness to and proclaimer of the Gospel of Christ.  We adhere to the biblical faith and practice of historic Christian faith and as outlined in our Constitution.  All activities carried on within our premises must not contravene or contradict these purposes.  Activities and actions in conflict with our purposes would be grounds for the ending of this contract at the sole discretion and determination of the Landlord.